Bellevue Farmers Market 2013
The Bellevue Farmers Market on Saturday’s this season will be located in the heart of Downtown Bellevue at NE 6th Street and Compass Plaza (550 106th Ave NE). Compass Plaza is right outside of the Galleria in Downtown Bellevue. The first event took place on Saturday, and it was apparent that the new location feels like home for the farmers market. The past couple years the Saturday market took place at the old Safeway parking lot and a couple of different pay parking lots. The locations have always seemed temporary in nature. The new location could be used for years to come, and is positioned perfectly to encourage foot traffic from The Bellevue Collection properties.

The 2013 Bellevue Farmers Market locations and times are as follows:

Thursday Bellevue Farmers Market
Bellevue Presbyterian Church
1717 Bellevue Way NE (Service Dogs Only)
May 16th – October 10th
3 – 7PM

Saturday Bellevue Farmers Market 

NE 6th Street and Compass Plaza (550 106th Ave NE)
June 8th – November 23rd
 10AM – 3PM

Bellevue Farmers Market 2013 Saturday


  1. So the Saturday market will be an afternoon market? That’s different from the previous years, isn’t it?

  2. @Vincent, sorry about that. Times are accurately displayed now.

  3. @Michael: Oh OK. Thanks! Too bad… I could get used to a Saturday afternoon market. 🙂

  4. What is the parking story I wonder?

  5. Much prefer the Thursday location – the parking and crowds are impossible on Saturdays at the new location. Bellevue, what happened to the old Safeway parking lot where it was a few years ago?

  6. We used to enjoy the Saturday Farmer’s Market and so we were extremely disappointed to find out that there is no complimentary parking. Having to pay for parking on top of the already expensive items at the market means we won’t be going back. We were happy to pay for quality produce and support the vendors and downtown Bellevue, but we will be going to another farmers market instead. Very sad.

  7. I am very disappointed that there was no thought given to parking for this location.

    After driving round and round and finally parking near the market in California Pizza Kitchen lot (I couldn’t figure out how to pay, thought that it might be on the way out), we went directly to the information booth. They had no good parking suggestions, the best one being that they thought that the parking near the Bookstore would be free if we went in and bought a coffee or something. That’s pretty sad.

    After rather quickly buying a few things (not much selection in my opinion) we went to leave only to find a $20 parking ticket on our windshield.

    A very disappointing experience overall.

  8. This just shows that there are more and more people living in downtown Bellevue these days.

    Also, you can park at the Bellevue Collection for free on weekends, so cost shouldn’t be an issue.