Top 5 Available Commercial Real Estate Spaces in Downtown Bellevue

There are a lot of commercial real estate projects under construction and in the pipeline, but there is still a lot of prime real estate currently available on the market right now. We’ve gathered what we think are the top 5 available real estate spaces in Downtown Bellevue:

1) Main Street & 108th
100 108th Ave NE
Square Feet Available: 73,383
Comments: This available spot once played home to Boaters World. It has since stayed empty to the neighbors of PetSmart and Office Depot. There have been rumors floating around about Trader Joe’s going into this space for several years. We’ll believe it when we see it.

2) Old Munchbar Space at The Bellevue Collection
505 Bellevue Square
Square Feet Available: 6,300
Comments: Currently one of the most asked questions when it comes to available real estate in Downtown Bellevue is “What’s going in the old Munchbar space?” This is a large space that will likely play home to a new restaurant (or two) because the kitchen (which is a spendy asset) that’s already complete.

3) Elements Too
909 112th Ave NE
Square Feet Available: 35,200
Comments: At the base of Elements Too there are still several retail spaces available for lease.  Retail neighbors include Tokyo, The French Bakery, Pure Barre, and more.

4) Shops at The Bravern
11111 NE 8th St – The Shops at the Bravern
Square feet Available: 309,000
Comments: There have been tenants that have left The Bravern since the opening, leaving some great spots available.  In addition there are spaces that were never occupied, some of which were the most high profile locations in the very front of the building.

5) The Galleria
550 106th Ave NE – Bellevue Galleria
Square feet Available: 203,685 SF
Comments: So, Bellevue Galleria may not be the best laid out retail project, but there are some great space still available within the project. In addition the location couldn’t be better in Downtown Bellevue.  The space that stands most is the old Sky Bar on the top floor that’s no longer occupied.

Did we miss a spot that you think is worth of being on the list? Sound-off in the comments section.


  1. Actually, there really isn’t much space left in Elements Too at this point. Sola Salon just expanded to the second floor above their current space, and Scotty Browns is going to be opening up sometime in the Fall in the ground floor space underneath the 958 building. Basically all that’s left is part of the space under 958 and the “fishbowl” space in front of the building which can’t be more than a couple thousand square feet.

    On the other hand, there’s still a number of vacant spaces over in the 989 building.

  2. Washington Square has a space or two… but not worthy of top 5 list.

    That would be awesome if Trader Joes moved into old Boaters World.

  3. Really hoping to see a sports bar take the Munchbar space. Maybe Scotty Browns will fill that void when it opens but DTB lacks a good sports bar.

  4. Seems no one noticed that the gun store went out of business. space available

  5. Anyone heard anything about the rumor the Yardhouse is coming in to Downtown? I don’t agree that Downtown Bellevue Lacks a good sports bar? Joeys isn’t too shabby to watch a game or the scenery and Earl’s is well Earls. The Blue Martini should have taken the Munchbar space in the first place. I’d like to see a House of Blues, Lounge, restaurant live music upscale establishment in Munchbar’s former space.

  6. @VMR, I haven’t heard that rumor. Source?

    The problem with Earl’s and Joey is they don’t play the tv sound through the speakers, I want a true sports bar where the game is the main focus and not just something in the background. That was the one nice thing about Munchbar.

  7. @Joe: I don’t know if they do it regularly, but the two or three times I was at Rock Bottom Brewery during football season, they had TVs on, with the sound, and even a projector with the game on. You might want to give them a call, and see if it still happens. 🙂

  8. I like the idea of a House of Blues(or similar music focused establishment) somewhere in downtown Bellevue!

  9. Anyone know when the new Marriott Hotel on 2nd and 110th is supposed to be finished?

  10. @Paula – They just broke ground a few months ago so I’d guess the earliest it’d be completed would be late 2014/early 2015.

  11. Fox Sports bar in the Munchbar space. Trader Joe’s anywhere in DTB!