The Old Safeway Building at Bellevue Way and NE 4th St has been demolished. Seeing the building in scraps, although anticipated is still a strange sight.

This is on-schedule according to our report in December. The Bellevue Collection is making way for its expanded mix-use development with entertainment, office space, a hotel, residential units, and a underground parking garage.

Construction is anticipated to begin in Q2 of 2014.

Construction Downtown Bellevue Collection Kemper Developement 1Construction Downtown Bellevue Collection Kemper Developement 2



  1. As someone who lived a few blocks from here as far back as 1961 this is a very strange site indeed!

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  3. The demise of this particular store has been inevitable since Safeway moved out and the property was sold to Kemper Freeman, but I’m surprised it took this long for them to knock it down. Some of the history of this particular store can be found here: