Stone Karaoke & Sushi Bar On Bellevue Way According to city permits a new “Karaoke studio and Sushi bar/café” is coming to 1020 Bellevue Way NE. The project “Stone Karaoke” applied for a permit for demolition inside of the space in May.

Aqua Quip previously occupied the 4,571 square foot stand-alone building.

There is no projected opening date at this time.

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  1. This is owned by Stone Si from China. He just graduated from University of Washington in May. He is very much orientated into making this bar feel like an American Bar, with the fun of Asian Karaoke. It will have private rooms where you pay by the hour with very sophisticated technology. The bar venue is being developed my a consultant under Stone’s direction. He’s young, upbeat and from a wealthy. Yet you would never guess that because he speaks very eloquently and has a good business sense to him. He is very trusting in nature and had an Architect take advantage of him and it’s set his opening date back 4-6 months. But now he on track with more honest folks who appreciate him and they know he knows what he’s doing. Some come and see and poke your head in for a fun, interesting and new experience. The drinks are meant to help you sing, so let your hair done and come in for a musical extravaganza. It would be a perfect place for a Holiday get together. New, upbeat and good clean fun and entertainment. There will only be small plates. It will include SUSHI. Pop in ask to shake this mover and shakers hand. Watch out Bellevue this will not be his only location.