tesla-model-s-red bellevue square record salesThe Tesla Motors’ store at Bellevue Square set a sales record of $5,500 per square foot in January 2014, according to an article published this week in the PSBJ.

Kemper Development Company said that amount was 10 times higher than retailers at other U.S. malls with luxury tenants.

The Tesla store at Bellevue Square is only 1,800 square feet, small compared to the Apple Store at 12,200 square feet and the Microsoft Store at 8,900 square feet.

Bellevue Square made $1,071 in per-square-foot sales in 2013, up from $842 the previous year, according to The Wall Street Journal.


  1. I’ll bet that the closing of JCPenney will make the sales/sqft rise quite a bit.

  2. ^Definitely. Good to see that we’re slowly but surely pushing the poors out of downtown Bellevue.

  3. We are not at all! There are several homeless shelters right in downtown Bellevue. In fact, there is a low income housing was just built on 111th and will provide units for homeless families.