Last week, Seattle’s favorite burger establishment, Dick’s Drive In announced last week they will open a new store on the Eastside or down South. They are asking readers to vote for their next location. Yesterday they provided on how voting is going. There’s 160,000 ballots cast and the South has the current lead. Eastsiders…it’s time to rock the vote (vote now)! You can vote from now until March 24th. Also, did you know you can vote twice per email address?

We looked at prospective downtown Bellevue locations for a Dick’s Drive In. Here are two locations in downtown Bellevue that would allow for ample surface level parking.

44 Bellevue Way
This is the previous location of Sports Authority that went out of business in late 2016. Dick’s Drive In likely wouldn’t need the entire space in this building, but it could likely be sectioned off for multiple tenants. Being on Bellevue Way would allow for high visibility for commuters.

10575 NE 12th St
This one-story retail complex hosts Panera, Domino’s Pizza, BevMo and many more. This location is surrounded by town homes, condos apartments and additional retail on 106th.

Do you have a spot that you’d like to see Dick’s Drive In go? Sound off in the comments section.


  1. I had also suggested at the end of Main St

  2. No burger places please! Who eats burgers in downtown Bellevue? People around here obsessed with their health and weight management. I don’t care how ‘luxury’ the burger place is – not on Bellevue Way for sure. ?

  3. we need a burger place in Bellevue to make Bellevue great again!!

  4. @Brent: only if the burgers will be Organic and fat free. ?

  5. There is a lot more to Bellevue than west Bellevue. Put it on bel-red or Northup near spring district.

  6. There have been rumors that they’re going to put a Dick’s Drive-In in Bellevue for the last 10 years and it’s never happened so I will not be holding my breath

  7. I agree with Greg, on Bel-red or Northup would be better.

  8. Michael M McQuaid, Sr.

    We have been Dick-less in Bellevue since the late 1960’s. I vote for Bellevue Way and Main Street.

  9. Take Dicks to Bellingham it will do much better, they are not caught up in keeping up with the Jones like Bellevue. Veggie burgers, all the fat free crap that will later find out will kill you!
    Bellingham is still like the old day, hot cars, fun people, good times! MOVE THERE rent will be a lot more affordable!
    Bellevue lifer since 1952.