Photo Credit: City of Bellevue

The City of Bellevue is exploring the idea of a bike share service as a part of the Pedestrian & Bicycle Implementation Initiative. The City is seeking feedback from residents and workers in Bellevue via an online survey.

Bike sharing is ideal for short distances and durations. It is viewed as a low-cost transportation option that promotes bicycling in the community, helps to connect people to transit and encourages spontaneous trips.

Many private bike share companies have shown interest in expanding their services into Bellevue.

What do you think of biking sharing in Bellevue? Would you use a service like this?


  1. Downtown Bellevue is not bike friendly at all. Hardly any bike lanes. Terrible Bellevue drivers. They’d have a lot of work to do to make people actually use them….

  2. Yes!

    @Jeff… with good bike share program, more people will bike, then the City will build better infrastructure.