Amazon Go Downtown Bellevue Location Emerges – Photo Credit: Unsplash

According to submitted permits, Amazon Go, the contactless convenience store, will be going into the retail space at Summit III tower. The location of the future store is 320 108th Avenue Northeast.

Customers that shop at the store are charged for items with Just Walk Out Shopping technology. Products taken from or returned to shelves are detected by in-store technology and monitored through a virtual cart. Once customers have completed shopping, they can leave the store and Amazon will charge their account.

This will be the first Amazon Go located in Downtown Bellevue and seventh in the greater Seattle region. The stores offer breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

We reported in December 2018 that Amazon was leasing office space in the future Summit III building. Summit III features 17 floors and 377,000 square feet of space. This store would add to the many investments that Amazon is making to its real estate footprint in Downtown Bellevue.

According to past releases, Amazon is planning to bring over 25,000 employees to the office buildings planned for Downtown Bellevue.

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  1. It is the second one on the East side if I recall:
    Amazon Go
    2010 148th Ave NE
    Unit 160
    Bellevue, WA 98052
    United States