Courtyard at Aegis Living in Bellevue, Photo Credit: Aegis Living

Over the past few weeks, residents have been eagerly moving into their apartments and meeting new neighbors at the brand-new Aegis Living Bellevue Overlake. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the unique assisted living and memory care community was designed to bring the outdoors in to harness the restorative effects of nature for well-being.

To complement the healing effects of nature, the community is piloting a new wellness program. Applying the latest science and medical research, personalized wellness plans for each resident are focused at the start on nutrition, sleep, movement, nature, cognitive wellness, and mindfulness. The pilot is a first step to informing what will one day become a company-wide wellness program to serve all 33 Aegis Living communities.

Residents at Aegis Living Bellevue Overlake define their health priorities and receive support for their goals. For example, suppose a resident chooses to focus on a better night’s sleep. In that case, a wellness plan is developed that could include education, sleep-centric breathing exercises, meditation practices, aromatherapy, and/or nutritional support to maximize healthy sleeping habits.

Nutrition is the bedrock of continued wellness. The culinary team designed a menu packed with healthy, flavorful options, including plant-based and gluten-free, to meet the nutritional requirements of the senior residents. Residents can select from five dining locations, including an upscale dining room, a private dining room, two lounges, and a juice bar.

The new residents are finding endless options for active days. On a recent day, residents could take Balance Fit and Aqua Fit classes (the latter in the beautiful new saltwater pool), choose between Current Events discussions and lectures, join a New York Times Crossword group, go for an outdoor walk, attend a meditation session, join Gardening Club or Women’s Group, catch a movie in the Bel-Vue movie theater or participate in Game Night, and wind down at the SleepFit evening program. Though with a day like that, sleep might not be a challenge!

The community has ample space—and gracious spaces—for gathering safely. Residents have been able to get to know their new neighbors and host family and friends in the inviting common areas, including the central open-air courtyard, expansive living room, and The Vue, a sky lounge with sweeping views of the city and Mount Rainier.

Life is vibrant in Life’s Neighborhood, Aegis Living’s memory care floor, with rich and innovative programming. Residents enjoy strolling on the walking path that circles the floor, passing through a solarium with an art studio and indoor garden, an outdoor terrace and memory garden, and other thoughtful experiences that evoke fond memories and encourage exploration.

Aegis Living Bellevue Overlake has also incorporated Dutch innovation by installing the first Tovertafel in a memory care community in the United States. Programmed with dozens of games and activities, the Tovertafel encourages play with intuitive movement, and residents interact with caregivers and others in a therapeutic and joyful experience.

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Living Room at Aegis Living, Photo Credit: Aegis Living
Swimming Pool Aegis Living, Photo Credit: Aegis Living
The Crab Shack & Harbor Hideaway at Aegis Living, Photo Credit: Aegis Living
Art lesson at Aegis Living, Photo Credit: Aegis Living
Group Time at Aegis Living, Photo Credit: Aegis Living

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