Taco TIme Downtown Bellevue
Taco Time in Downtown Bellevue, Photo Credit: Google Maps

According to new signage outside of Taco Time, the fast-food restaurant will be permanently closing on May 15th. They list two other locations that are nearby to visit, like Bellevue-Factoria and Kirkland-Rose Hill.

The current address of Taco Time is 201 Northeast 106th Avenue Northeast. In its place will be a multifamily residential project called Filament East. The project recently received design review approval.

The development is planned to be 11-stories with 180 units. It will feature amenities, a club room, courtyard, and 162 parking spaces. There will also be office and retail space.

Bellevue Investors IV, LLC, which is a part of Vulcan Real Estate, is the owner of the project. The designer is Encore Architects.

The current Taco Time structure will be demolished, along with Michael’s Fine Dry Cleaning, and Roses & Kennedy Lamp & Shade.

Construction is planned to begin this August with a slated completion date of 2024.

**Update: Since first writing this article, Taco Time is permanently closed.

Filament East Taco Time
Proposed Apartment Building at 201 106th Avenue Northeast, Rendering Credit: Encore Architects
Filament East Taco Time
Filament East, Rendering: Encore Architects


  1. It was previously reported that a drug store was to occupy one of the commercial spaces in the Bellevue Towers complex.
    True or not??? Source ???

  2. RSP Architects recently submitted a building application to the City of Bellevue for non-residential space. The address is 10608 Northeast 4th Street.

    The tenant who applied for this space is Walgreens. The square footage that they would be in is 6,494. It would be located at the base of Bellevue Towers.

    According to the application, the already existing one-story building would receive tenant improvements. The project consists of work that will be done to the interior and exterior.

    Exterior work would include roof structure and demising walls. Demising walls means that there is a partition that separates two different uses or occupancies, suggesting that there may be more than one tenant.

    Interior work is planned to include interior partitions, millwork, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and flooring.