Tesla Cybertruck, Photo Credit: Jordi Cor/YouTube Video

Shoppers at Bellevue Square will have a chance to see the much anticipated Tesla Cybertruck. According to security for Bellevue Square, the pickup truck will be available for viewing soon.

Security confirmed that the Cybertruck will be coming to Bellevue Square, as they have to logistically figure out how to get it through the doors and into the mall.“ The Tesla is supposed to be delivered within two days or within the next week. We are awaiting final confirmation on when, and that has not happened yet.”

The Tesla Owners of Washington reported on their Twitter account that they have a source who says that the Cybertruck will be on display at Bellevue Square on Black Friday, 11/24.

The electric pickup truck was most recently seen on public display in New York at the 30th Annual Baron Investment Conference. Tesla reported on their blog that although they have received criticism over build quality issues in its early production vehicles in the past, this model has improved the quality, fit, and finish.

According to a tweet by Elon Musk, “Cybertrucks are on their way to Tesla stores in North America.” Tesla Cybertrucks are produced at the automaker’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

The electric vehicle company opened a larger showroom in Bellevue Square in 2017 just outside of Nordstrom, after having originally opened on the second floor. The location fits four cars and features two design studios for customization when ordering the car.

*Update* The Tesla Cybertruck is at Bellevue Square beginning Friday, November 24th.

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    How long will the Cybertruck be on display at Bellevue Square??