has opened a new showroom at Bellevue Square. The automaker moved from their original location on the second floor to a larger more spacious location on the first floor next to Nordstrom and across from Seven Salon. The new location fits four cars in the showroom, an improvement from the old location that only fit one.

The new location has a very clean and modern look with grey floors, black ceilings, and oversized bright backlit images on the walls. The showroom features two design studios areas for customers to customize their cars.

Currently the Tesla Model X and Model S sit in the Bellevue Square showroom. According to a representative at Tesla they expect to receive a Model 3 for their showroom soon. The Model 3 is a four door sedan that starts at $35,000, making it their most affordable car within their lineup.

Tesla first opened in Bellevue Square in 2011.

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