BECU Branch to Open in Downtown Bellevue

For all of those out there that are proud BECU customers you will be delighted to hear that BECU will be opening a banking branch at the corner of NE 2nd & Bellevue Way in Downtown Bellevue. The branch will be opening in spring at one of the retail locations […]

Panoramic Views of Downtown Bellevue

AerialPan Imaging has put together a breathtaking panorama aerial tour of the Downtown Bellevue Skyline. This imagery was shot directly above the Bellevue Towers project. The photography gives a great sense of the magnitude of construction taking place in Downtown Bellevue with the many cranes towering high above the ground.

Elements Too – Apartments & Retail

The Elements Too project, which you might have seen under construction (as we voted it Downtown Bellevue’s most festive construction project) has been a bit more quiet than some of the other major developments in the Downtown Bellevue core, but will be just as prominent once it’s complete. The 22-story […]

Plans for Bellevue’s "urban village" revealed

The plans for a 36-acre “urban village” in Bellevue’s Bel-Red Corridor were reported yesterday in The Seattle Times. The proposed project would consist of 800 apartments, retail space, acres of open recreational space, and over 3 million square feet of office space. The “urban village” will be built in an […]

Do you want stop light cameras in Downtown Bellevue?

The city is debating implementation of traffic light video and photo cameras to catch red light violators. The decision is if the city should implement a one year trial with the equipment or not. If decided favorably, the cameras would be installed at approximately six different Bellevue locations. You can […]

Kemper: A Difficult Book to find

The Bellevue Reporter, a community newspaper in the local area, had a front page story on Robert Spector’s Generations: Kemper Freeman Jr. and the Freeman Family. But good luck actually finding the book (all you’ll find is used copies)! The story of the Freeman family begins with his great-grandfather coming […]

Former Bellevue Arts Museum Offical Charged

Janet Ellinger, the former chief financial officer of the Bellevue Arts Museum was charged November 20th with 38 counts of felony theft for stealing what she admitted to be $300,000 during her tenure at the Museum. She worked for the Bellevue Arts Museum two years before the allegations came to […]

Bellevue Square Updates: New floors, stores, and get a shav(ing) set

If you’ve been to Bellevue Square lately, you know how crowded the place is these days on the weeknights and weekends. Parking is a struggle (even during the lunch hour), but what’s all the hype?! Well, first off, Bellevue Square is undergoing a $1.3B makeover and they’re slowly upgrading this […]

Bellevue School District Superintendent Departs

After twelve years of service as the Superintendent of the Bellevue School District, Mike Riley will move to the east coast to pursue a position with the College Board accepting responsibilities as the senior vice president for the “College Readiness System”. The Bellevue School District’s high school’s AP (Advanced Placement) […]

Hillary Clinton Visits Downtown Bellevue Westin Today

Hillary Clinton has been in the greater Seattle area since Monday. She will continue her trip in the area with a stop in Downtown Bellevue campaigning for the presidency at the Westin. Senator Clinton’s stop in Bellevue will consist of a fund raising breakfast event, which isn’t cheap, at $2,300 […]