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City Center Bellevue - Mercury Coffee Co.

Mercurys Coffee to Open at City Center Bellevue

Mercurys Coffee Company will be opening an additional location, their first in Downtown Bellevue, at City Center Bellevue. The address is 500 108th Avenue, according to city permits. All-natural, minimally processed, and certified organic ingredients are used in their coffee, according to their website. Their menu features classic coffee drinks […]

Anchorhead Coffee to Open in Downtown Bellevue at City Center

Anchorhead Coffee has announced it will be opening a new location in downtown Bellevue at City Center Plaza (555 110th Ave NE) at the base of the building. Tully’s previously occupied space at this location. The company currently has coffee shops in Issaquah and downtown Seattle. The coffee shops offer […]

New Korean Restaurant, Bowl Gogi, Opens in Downtown Bellevue

A new Korean restaurant is now open on 108th Avenue Northeast, Bowl Gogi. This casual eatery, located at City Center Bellevue building is tailored to downtown Bellevue workers, open on weekdays from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and closed on weekends. Customers can choose from two different options; Bowl Gogi, […]