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One Year Later, a Look Back at the Pandemic’s Effect on Bellevue

One year ago this month, fear set in, as stores began to run out of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and sanitizing cleaner. Our behavior was quickly forced to change and we were all left wondering will we ever be able to settle back into our normal routines? One year later, […]

Girl Power Hour Fit & Fabulous Event in Downtown Bellevue

Here is a networking opportunity that may be of interest to local, professional business women. Fit & Fabulous is an event produced by Girl Power Hour, the creators of an engaging, creative, and stylish way, for business women to expand their business and social circles. Fit & Fabulous will feature […]

Flywheel to Open in Downtown Bellevue

A new indoor cycling studio known as Flywheel will open in downtown Bellevue on Saturday. Flywheel, which is also in South Lake Union, offers a cardio workout for the whole body with climbs and descents, as well as weighted bars to strengthen arms. The bikes are arranged stadium style and […]