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Wilburton-Elementary Bellevue

New Elementary School to Support Downtown Bellevue Residents to Open Next Week

The Bellevue School District is opening a brand new elementary school come this fall. Wilburton Elementary School is located just outside of downtown Bellevue on Main Street. It is about 82,000 square feet. The school includes children from downtown Bellevue and Wilburton areas. Along with kindergarten through 5th grade, Wilburton […]

Wilburton-Elementary Bellevue

Elementary School to Support Downtown Bellevue Breaks Ground

Bellevue School District’s newest elementary school broke ground last week on July 19. The school will support about 650 future students from the downtown Bellevue and Wilburton neighborhoods, which will help overcrowding at Enatai, Woodrige and Clyde Hill elementary schools. The name of the new school will be Wilburton Elementary. […]