In the past month or so Bellevue Square has opened up its doors to some new retailers. (Some exciting ones if I may add)

Nau is a brand new men’s and women’s outdoor apparel company based out of Portland, OR. Only they aren’t your typical apparel company. You will notice right when you walk in the layout is very clean and simple. So simple it doesn’t even seem as if they are done moving in, but after a conversation with one of the employees, they insist they are. The collection is made up of environmentally friendly clothing. Their mission statement is to “Demonstrate the highest level of citizenship in everything we do, product creation, labor practices, the way we treat each other, environmental practices and philanthropy.”

They aren’t all talk either. Five percent of every purchase goes to your choice of environmental, social, or humanitarian charitable organization. Also interesting to note is, if you choose to have the item shipped to your house instead of taking it from the store, you save yourself ten percent off the price.

Oh, and most importantly…the clothes are super comfortable and stylish. Check them out, they are across the way from Victoria Secret on the second level.

Martin + Osa
Also a brand new retail appeal company is Martain + Osa. This is a sister company of American Eagle. Only the demographics it’s being targeted to are different, my best guess would be 25-50 yrs old. It is a very close competitor to J. Crew (if you aren’t familiar with J. Crew then you probably aren’t the target market anyways), which it is conveniently located next to on the second floor. One of the most impressive things that will draw you in right away is the spectacular exterior of their store. It is a nice wood exterior, with a laser blue ribbon wrapping around it. You’ll know what I mean when you see it! They don’t have store front windows. It is one of their marketing ploys to make you actually come into the store to check it out instead of just “window shopping”.

Now for a store you might be a little bit more familiar with. Oakley sells those famous sunglasses they are so well known for. They have also ventured out into the appeal, watch, footwear, and electronic markets. Their store is nicely laid out in a small location next to Puma on the second floor near the clock.

Sole Mio
This new Bellevue Square addition is a High-end boutique that carries premium sunglasses brands from around the world. You might be thinking…”In an area that it rains for half the year, why do we need another dedicated sunglasses retailer?” Well here is a fun fact for you. More sunglasses are sold in Seattle than any other U.S. city. It is because when the sun comes out it is so bright than what our eyes aren’t accustomed to it, and it’s nearly impossible for the average person to see without squinting.

But as we well know the sun doesn’t come out all the time, so we never have them with us, or they are lost, so we just buy new ones.

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