The Lexus dealership on Main St has been a part of Bellevue’s community for the past two decades.  It is moving…but not far.  The new dealership if you haven’t yet seen it yet will be a block away, still on Main St right over the 405 overpass.  The dealership is hard to miss, it has high visibility while driving by on 405.
The project has been going up quickly and the grand opening has been announced for Wednesday August 1st.  Lexus of Bellevue will happily merge their Sales center located on Main St and Service center located on 132nd back into one comfortable sized location.  They outgrew their original facility on Main St in 2005 and split up into two separate locations.

Lexus has promised many new and special amenities for this dealership.  Stay tuned in August to hear about them.
Projected Finished Product


  1. This “flagship Lexus dealership” is puzzling to me. I drove by the construction the other day, and I have to wonder, where is the modern designed floor-to-ceiling glass windowed dealership I expected on this site? It seriously looks like a 70s era stucco ugly blob. So disappointed.

  2. Corporate Lexus has strict guidelines on how their individual dealerships must look on the exterior. They aren’t able to do too much innovation on the outside…but just wait until the project is finished. I think most owners will pretty satisfied with the amenities offered inside.

  3. I agree, it’s hard to believe that such a turd would be built, the Audi dealership is much nicer…