Picture taken June 11th
Coming this Fall all you renters will have another option in Bellevue. The Avalon Meydenbauer apartments are beginning to take form. They will be in the heart of downtown Bellevue on the block of Bellevue Way and NE 4th St (kitty corner to Bellevue Square).

Pricing information for the 350 units is not yet publicly available, but you may sign up on their Web Site for more details when it becomes available. The best guess is that pricing will be on the high end, the location in Downtown Bellevue doesn’t get much better than it. Cross the street and you’ll get to Bellevue Park or Bellevue Square. Another incentive to live in these units is that Safeway is building their new Bellevue location in the retail space below. It doesn’t get much better than going downstairs to do your grocery shopping.
Art Rendering of Finished Product


  1. Can’t wait for the new Safeway to open, the old one is such a dump!

  2. So are you really saying that even the apartments in the new urbanized Bellevue will only be affordable to the elites who would buy the million dollar condos but for the fact that they probably have to jet off to their California home for part of the year? How surprising! Who really benefits from this “utopian” densified dream? Land owners, condo developers, and yuppies. The rest of us are sacrificed.

  3. I am saying the prices will be on the high end of the rental market. I think the units will appeal to more than just the million dollar condo buyers, or they will have many empty units.

    But nevertheless they are new, in downtown, and will be classy!