Cushman & Wakefield, the representing real estate company for the Bellevue Galleria, has posted marketing material with some major implications. The first thing to jump off the page at you will be what looks like the elimination of the Bellevue Galleria’s movie theater. Secondly the addition of a fourth level appears to be in the plans as well. It is unclear if the Galleria will be built higher, or if the ceilings on the third floor currently are high enough to accommodate another level. Regardless, the fourth level’s ceiling will possess a skylight allowing in the daylight.

The site at 106th Ave NE calls for “126,284 RSF Available of Quality Office Space”. Those of you who were looking for some great new retail tenants will be disappointed to find out that the fate of Bellevue Galleria’s top three floors will most likely end up converted to office space. The plans for the building show that the exterior will acquire new glass windows on areas in which will be converted to office space.

When taking a look at the plans for the makeover it appears that Yama, a restaurant, which opened recently in December 2006, does not exist in the future plans of the Galleria.

All retail on the ground floor seems to have stayed untouched. L.A. Fitness, though occupying portions of floors 1, 2, and 3 appears to also remain untouched.

This will be quite a change for the Bellevue Galleria, which originally opened with a vision of being Downtown Bellevue’s go to area for nightlife. It seems the owners of the Galleria might have been awaiting leases to expire to continue on with their grand scheme of transitioning a portion of the building to office space. This would explain many of the empty retail spaces in the recent months.