Opening later in August RAG, a much needed men’s high fashion clothing shop will open in Bellevue Place. The store will occupy retail space in the Hyatt’s luxurious lobby on the first floor.

The amenities expected inside include a shoeshine chair, pool table, and a big screen television.

The boutique will hold a private event on August 11th, and open for business shortly after.

RAG will carry high fashion items ranging from jeans to suits. The Bellevue Collection is filled with various boutiques for women specializing in fashionable clothing. This new unique boutique should help fill the gap for men shopping in Bellevue.


  1. Your posts are good, but you should mention cross street names more often. Not everyone knows Bellevue inside and out.

  2. Bellevue Place is kitty corner to Crate & Barrel and Bellevue Square. The cross streets are Bellevue Way and NE 8th St.

    The picture on the post is Bellevue Place.

  3. Everytime I walk through this building it seems dead, maybe traffic will pickup because of the skybridge…

  4. What do you expect? It’s just Bellevue. Just a lot of fat men with bad triple-pleated shorts that fall above the knees and their arm-candy slutty wives.

  5. Check out David Lawrence at center court in Bellevue Square. It’s been around for 14 years. They have the nicest staff and freshest fashion for men.