According to Brier Dudley a reporter for the Seattle Times he says he has been “tipped off” that Yahoo is looking to open a office in Downtown Bellevue. The office space they are supposedly looking to occupy would be around 120,000 square feet. In comparison, Expedia will be leasing 348,000 square feet of office space from Tower 333 for all their employees.

When contacted, a Yahoo representative replied to the rumors to expand to Bellevue by stating, “We’re always looking to diversify our real-estate portfolio and we want to be where the most talented people are.” but didn’t give any future clues to actual plans.

Well if Yahoo and truly wanted to diversify, and wanted talented people, the Seattle area seems like a great choice for expansion. (We already know there are great people here!)

If Yahoo decides to occupy a Downtown Bellevue location it would allow for all the major “Search Engine” players (Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo) to be within miles of each other. Yahoo’s headquarters are, and would remain in Silicon Valley but would now occupy an additional office in Bellevue.

Where are some possibilities for Yahoo to occupy? Did somebody say the new City Center building???