Mercer – Store Opening

This small women’s boutique opened it’s 5th store in Bellevue Square. It has had local success for some years now at its University Village store. Mercer is located on the first floor next to Eddie Bauer and across the way from Movado.

Lacoste – Opening May
The clothing company most known for its famous polo shirts, will open its first store in the Pacific Northwest at Bellevue Square. The store has not yet opened, but the exterior of the first floor store across the way from Tiffany’s is wrapped in Lacoste marketing posters announcing the future store opening.

“The Bellevue Square Boat” Closes
The legendary Bellevue Square Boat has been dismantled. The boat on the first floor will be permanently moved to the third floor, where Kemper Development Co.’s sign states they are “building a fabulous new play area.”

The boat has been celebrated over many generations. This new play area will not be within the regular flow of customer traffic anymore and will turn into a planned destination for anybody to take advantage of it on the 3rd floor.

It is too early to fully criticize this move to remove the boat because the new play area is not yet finished. Having said that, the boat was always a very popular choice for parents and children alike. This new play area has quite a reputation to live up to, following the steps of the all-so-famous “Bellevue Square Boat.”


  1. How can they close the Bellevue Square boat????

    Can we protest this?

    That boat is a historical site for those of us who have grown up in the area. I remember chasing girls around that boat in Kindergarten.

    Why get rid of it?

  2. he he…In my personal opinion, I think that boat breeds nasty germs! I hope they make an even bigger one upstairs so all of the kids come down with a massive case of ring worm! Parents, get your hand sanitizer out!!

  3. We met at our favorite meeting place last night: The Boat in Bellevue Square – but it had been removed! While while son & I were waiting for the others in our party to arrive we could not get over the fact the fact that it had been slated to be moved to some out-of-the-way third floor! We even saw a little girl crying about it being gone when she saw the cap of concrete where it had been. Even my son eventually found himself overcome by The Boat’s absence on the way home and had a good cry about it. I tried to explain to him that some people just don’t appreciate good design – it’s just too easy for someone to come along and mess it up. Nobody is going to be able to even come close to using the new ‘consolidated’ play area the great way that The Boat used to be used: The circle design allowed for close monitoring or parents tag-team shopping at nearby stores while at the same time sitting and watching your child. It seemed that this was such an obvious asset to Bellevue Square that it would always be there. How sad.