Shown here are proposed images are of what Lincoln Square II, office tower and condominium tower, could look like. Also included in these images are what the retail shops (Shops on 5th) will look like from the outside at street level on Bellevue Way and NE 4th St.

If you pass the Safeway site on Bellevue Way, in the Avalon Meydenbauer building, you’ll see a proposed project sign referencing the Lincoln Square II project. The business tower (the image with the orange on it) is currently listed as a 31-story office tower with over 500,000 sq ft. The condo tower, which will be right behind the Bellevue Arts Museum, is planned at 42 stories, 200 condos, and will have a hotel with 120 rooms at the base. The retail area will feature almost 400,000 sq ft of high end retail.

This project will be developed by Kemper Development Co. and could start as early as this summer.


  1. Looks good. Any idea who the retail tenants are going to be? I heard the Bravern’s retail is 80% leased up and all their tenants are real high-end. Are there enough upscale chains to fill up both of these projects?

  2. Too bad it will cost more time and money to come up with different building designs. But progress is better than nothing.

  3. Who said anything about different building designs? These renderings are the ones being reviewed by the city right now. If they want to start this summer on construction than they’re not going to change them.

    The wording in this entry is misleading since it makes it sound like these are very preliminary but in actuality this is likely the final design barring any major backlash from the city.

  4. I like the condo portion OK but that office tower is funky in a bad way. Currently it looks like some color scheme from a backpack…

  5. With all these high rise towers going in, how do they expect people to get around the city. The streets are not going to get wider. I think people are overlooking the fact that will all this additional condo building and shopping being added, there will be an awful backlash in terms of congestion on our streets in downtown Bellevue.

  6. Not if your planning on living Downtown 🙂

  7. When is the new Safeway scheduled to open?

  8. As I understand it (by way of their review of the building project I’m working on), the City is considering changing to a system of one-way streets in downtown Bellevue in order to relieve congestion.

  9. The city is considering a few two way streets, but they have been for years so who knows if that will ever happen. I think they really should as it would help with traffic flow, and create room for bike lanes.