Dear Lea,

Last weekend’s weather was so nice that I was just dying to find a place to eat outside so that I could enjoy it! My friends and I ended up heading down to Kirkland, but what places in Bellevue have outside seating?
– Waiting for Warmer Weather

Dear Waiting for Warmer Weather,

Downtown Bellevue has a lot of great restaurants that offer outdoor dining! Depending on what type of cuisine or restaurant you’re interested in, you have quite a few to choose from. For the next beautifully sunny day, here’s a quick list to pick from:
  • Tap House – heat lamps for cooler nights, 160 beers on tap, always a good crowd
  • Rock Bottom Brewery – beer brewery, familiar bar food, loud outside crowd
  • Joey’s – hot meeting place, great food, large outdoor courtyard
  • Cheesecake Factory – something for everyone, shaded seating, at Bellevue Square
  • 520 Bar & Grill – intimate outside space, romantic at night, garden-like patio
  • 0/8 Seafood Grill – view of Bellevue Way, variety of wines, mature crowd
  • Bis On Main – limited outside seating, romantic setting, gourmet cuisine

Something to note is that California Pizza Kitchen currently has their outdoor dining area under construction. They are building a larger patio area to accommodate guests on our beautiful Bellevue summer nights. It should be completed in July!

I hope that on the next sunny day this helps you and your friends stay in Bellevue. Another idea – picnic in the Downtown Bellevue Park?

Waiting With You,

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  1. the 520 outdoor seating is really fantastic, we are lucky to have so many great places to eat.

  2. Yes, there are now new large umbrella’s making it great to be out there in many different types of conditions!

  3. Yes, 520 bar and grill is some of the best outdoor seating because of the umbrellas, the street watching and the flat screens.

    Love California Pizza Kitchen as well…

  4. I have to agree. I think it is the nicest place to go for a drink or something to eat. I always run into someone I know and end up table hopping to say hi. I wish there were more places like this in Bellevue. It’s nice to not be so corporate all the time :>)