Downtown Bellevue-headquartered Paccar has recently acquired more land within the Downtown Bellevue core. In April, the strip mall which houses Chipotle and Jamba Juice was purchased by Paccar for $11.9 million, at 10503 N.E. 4th St.

This brings Paccar’s total holdings to 7.44 acres of land in Downtown Bellevue, according to an article in the Puget Sound Business Journal. In addition to the purchase in April, Paccar made a large purchase in January for a parcel of land at 10575 NE 4th St. for $2.89 million. Currently a small office building stands at this property.

According to sources, Paccar states they are purchasing the land for long-term investment reasons and not to build a new office tower on.

Currently Paccar occupies their 14-story building in Downtown Bellevue, which was built in 1970. As of late, the building has begun to show its age with new condominiums and office towers spurting up around it.

I’d suggest that they bulldoze the current building to make way for a new tower on one of their many properties that they hold. A new building would help improve people’s current perception, that they are a very traditional (old and set in their ways) and aging company.

Paccar was one of the first companies to make a strong impact on the Downtown Bellevue area when their building was built almost 40 years ago. They continue to contribute to the community in many ways, but it is time to upgrade. They “call home” the ugliest building in Bellevue, and there is no way around that.

It’s time to move.


  1. Ah yes, this is Bellevue. Who needs History?! You look old, so tear it down! Pathetic.

  2. Most actual cities around the globe feature a variety of buildings from different eras, some quite old and ugly. It’s a mark of character. Unless the Paccar building is structurally unsound, the notion of bulldozing it for cosmetic reasons is not only superficial but extremely wasteful. Long may it stand.

  3. I certainly agree that it would be wasteful ot knock it down. Isn’t there a happy medium? Isn’t there a way to “update” the look of the building?

  4. it’s ugly, knock it down!

  5. The attitude of this blog and specifically this post remind me why Bellevue is and always will be a second rate sister city to Seattle. One day perhaps you’re realize that new and shiny doesn’t mean better.

  6. This is perhaps the most rediculous and shallow post I have ever seen on a blog.

    Next you will be wanting to give free facials to people coming into this city, that don’t match the “awesome” Bellevue image.

    Free prada bags and pink Juicy sweat pants for everyone!!

  7. Are you people serious? I won’t go as far as saying it needs to be demolished, but the Paccar building is a blight and does need to be reconditioned\refaced at a minimum. Fuck just powerwashing the thing would go long way. Sorry if you don’t like shiny and new, but Bellevue is a brand new city and that’s what we’re about. If you are feeling nostalgic, take some time off today and say bye bye to that hideous Cadillac dealership, the strip malls along 8th street, and the kruft near the Galleria. They will all be gone soon, and it’s for the better.

  8. If you live in Seattle and have posted a negative comment here, then I can forgive you. You’re just jealous. I LOVE Seattle and I LOVE Bellevue. I live in the best area on the West Coast. The Paccar building is an EYE SORE. Just because you live in Seattle, buy organic produce, and sew your own clothes, doesn’t make you righteous!

  9. The paccar building holds no value to anybody else other than those who work there. The building is an eye sore and has not been yaken care of, nor is there any compimentary retail on the ground level.

    It’s in a great location, and it adds no community value, they mine as well be somewhere else.

  10. “One day perhaps you’re realize that new and shiny doesn’t mean better.”

    Have you seen this building? It belongs in Sibera. It will probably stand because it’s so tall; I would not mind it being there to remind everyone of what not to do.

  11. I’d respond, but I’m busy sewing my own clothes, growing armpit hair, and not showering.

    Yours truly,
    A Dirty Seattle Hippy

  12. Go back to Seattle! Bellevue is cleaner, richer, and just plain better. I’ll take my upscale condo over your bums begging for change any day.

  13. Okay, so I was a bit overly dramatic, I don’t actually think they need to bulldoze the building…but it just doesn’t seem to have been kept up well.

    It needs to be made more aesthetically pleasing on the outside…

  14. “They “call home” the ugliest building in Bellevue, and there is no way around that.”

    I’m not aware there is a pretty building in Bellevue – I mean it’s all copycat ‘modernist’ style. To the discerning eye it looks like what it is – cheap crap trying to look as ‘new as tomorrow’…

  15. This is Ridiculous

    “Cheap Crap” ??

    I’d ask Kemper about that one.

    You’re an insult to society. If you are against all things “Bellevue” then don’t come here. Obviously you care enough to post a comment, so don’t fool yourself!

  16. I agree that the building is an eye sore. It hasn’t been called the “Paccar Penitentiary” for nothing. But it makes no buisness sense to bull doze it and replace it with a new building. The building as well as the land are all paid for in full. No lease, no debt, that alone is worth too much. Some serious asthetic upgrades would do wonders and lighten its mood some.

  17. The news article from the PSBJ mentions that an office/hotel tower is being proposed on the BOA site at 4th and 106th. Has anyone heard anything about this project?

  18. I imagine the view from inside is the best view in Bellevue!

  19. why because you can’t see it?