The Bellevue California Pizza Kitchen, along with their new outdoor patio, has introduced bike delivery in Downtown Bellevue.

The outlines of the delivery zone are 100th Ave Ne, NE 8th St, 110th Ave NE, and NE 2nd Ave NE, which encompasses the majority of the Downtown core. The service will be available for delivery Monday through Friday 11:00am – 6:00pm.

I’d like to see them open up to the weekends (at least Saturday) and extend the hours once many of these condos come to market.

Has anybody tried this yet, what was your experience?


  1. William C Bonner

    So, they picked a 4 block in each direction square, extended to include Bellevue Square.

    I thought it interesting that they cut off at NE8th which is two blocks north of them, but went all the way to NE2nd south of them.

    They are obviously aiming at getting most of their business from the office towers in the first two blocks of walking.

  2. I was wondering what that yellow trike was for…

  3. Another great delivery option for downtown Bellevue’rs is to get CPK delivered via Dinner Delivery Plus They are locally owned and ran.I have used them a couple of times to deliver to our office for lunch and had a great experience.