Here we are almost a year later, and still no summer movie nights or anything similar. One year ago we made a post encouraging the Bellevue Downtown Park to be used for movie nights or some like entertainment. Here are some parks in the area that are currently being used for movie nights in the summer: Kirkland, Woodinville, Fremont, Marymoor, and South Lake Union.

Bellevue Downtown Park has been a high traffic park this summer with people running, walking their dogs, playing volleyball and Frisbee, laying in the sun, etc. The large and beautiful park, right in the heart of Downtown, is great and should continue to be taken advantage of – but could be even better if there were events organized by the City of Bellevue, Bellevue Downtown Association, or another organization during the summer months, to encourage the gathering of people (movie nights, concerts, etc.).

By the sheer turnout of the ArtsFair and 4th of July, there are clearly enough people that have interest in being involved in community events; we just need organizations to step up to the plate and plan them! Yes, this is easier said than done, but note that the Downtown population will reach 5,000 in the next year. Getting enough people to show up to an event is a thing of the past. The goal should no longer be to get people to show up, but to put on great events that get people interacting and enjoying the community in which they live!

The Downtown Bellevue Network would gladly support and help any organization that would like to fund and/or organize a summer series of some kind! Contact us at if interested!


  1. You forgot Marymoor Park on the list of local parks with movie nights:

  2. Thanks the “Slegehammer!”

    I have updated the post to include Marymoor!

  3. i agree, downtown park is greatly under utilized. i’d like to see them add some more recreational areas like tennis courts or basketball courts.

  4. The Downtown Park was created as a “passive” park, due to the condos on the northwest side. This was 1988 (the year they evicted my high school to build the park, but at least they kept the foundation in the center).

    There was Shakespeare in the Park a few weeks ago, by Eclectic Theater (“As You Like It”). But I have asked the city council repeatedly, but everyone is scared to take on the old people in those parkside condos. Choose your battles, or wait for attrition to win 🙂

  5. Michael – Good question and timing as we just took up this issue in the next Bellevue Downtown magazine, which went to press yesterday. Over the years, the Bellevue Downtown Association has explored several new summer event options for the Park (movies, cook-offs, concerts, sporting events, etc.). As you know, the Symetra Bellevue Family 4th and Group Health Ice Arena work well there because of solid parking and transportation plans for each, as well as much needed buy-in and support from the City, surrounding residents, businesses and property owners. The Live at Lunch Concert Series and revived Bellevue Jazz Festival require similar support. But the question remains – what are the viable programming options for the Park? And how do we best meet the needs of the growing number of downtown residents? We’re more than willing to help brainstorm the options and ask the right questions. Keep the conversation going.

    Patrick Bannon, Bellevue Downtown Association

  6. Thanks Patrick for your comments!

    I understand the parking issue…but just as Kemper allows parking for the 4th of July, they should be involved in the conversation of a Summer Series as well.

    The more people coming to Downtown Bellevue, the more it will benefit all parties involved!