Trader Vic’s in Lincoln Square has become victim to their hidden location, and the slumping economy, and has now closed their doors for good. As previously rumored, Trader Vic’s never really caught traction in Bellevue and has been attempting different forms of marketing (new and improved happy hours, free valet parking, coupons in the mail, etc.) to drive customers to the restaurant.

No word yet what will be replacing Trader Vic’s. What would you like to see replace it?


  1. I went there once a few months after their opening and the food was bad and expensive so I never had a desire to go back.

  2. I’ve been several times but the food was never exciting and the service was always hit-or-miss. Not gonna miss this one!

  3. same here, once was enough.

  4. William C Bonner

    I went there once. I didn’t like the large room loud atmosphere. I thought the food was overpriced. The location wasn’t optimum for walking.

    The new tenant may be able to do something about my first two issues, but the last one is going to be hard to overcome.

  5. Okay – I have to say I hated it the first time, and the second time… But – When they changed up their happy hour menu, it got packed there on Friday and Saturday nights. They made one really stiff Mai Thai!! Gonna miss getting drunk for $8.

  6. My husband and I are sick about it. We are big tiki culture fans so needless to say we are very sad about this. The regular meals were too pricey for us to frequent, but the happy hour couldn’t be beat and they really did make the best mai tais. Very sad. Now if we can just find out what they’re going to do with all of the memorabilia…

  7. It’s a BUMMER that Trader Vic’s Bellevue has closed! But I won’t cry too long… the dining room was hardly a quiet place, too noisy, too close to other tables… and the food was over-priced!