As rumored on Monday, it has now been confirmed that Earl’s – the hip restaurant and bar from Canada – will in fact occupy space in Lincoln Square next to The Container Store. Currently, Fashion AXIS has occupied this space on a annual basis.

The 9,000 Sq Ft, high-viability space has gone unoccupied for Lincoln Square’s entire existence. Earl’s will open in Spring 2009.



  1. I would daydream often of how nice it would be to have a McDonalds in that space. Before the hate comes… hear me out.
    In other countries, in big cities especially, McDonalds occupies 2 if not 3 floors of space and are nicley decorated. It would be a popular hangout for children, mothers, and adults alike. Big screen tv’s could be paying the latest games, etc. Haven’t been to an Earl’s, so I can’t compare.

  2. Earls is just another restaurant/bar serving new American food. It's shtick, like Joeys, is very attractive waitstaff. There will be three similar bars competing for the young drinking crowd in that block now. Joey's, Palomino, & Earls.

    I think the first poster had a better idea for the good of Bellevue's soul. It would have been more $ demographically diverse for sure.

  3. If only Panera had opened here instead they would be crazy busy….

  4. Panera is doing fine in its current location. I know this because they always sell out of smokehouse turkey at 5:30, god dammit.

  5. A mcdonalds? Stay classy.

  6. I’ve seen nice McD’s in Asia that fit right in with “classy” downtown landscape. Poster #1 has a good idea. All the office workers could have another option than the $15 typical lunches.
    There’s this McD’s in Seoul that is really nice. City McD’s in other countries blows the US version out of the water! I couldn’t imagine a typical burb McD’s in Bvue!

  7. Are you kidding me people!? McDonald’s!?? Do we really need to add to the US obesity crisis? If we had a 2 or 3 story McDonald’s in DT Bellevue, not only would all of the Bellevue High kids hang out there, but we’d be feeding more bums and packing more pounds on our people! McDonald’s is nasty. Have fun with clogged arteries.

  8. Wow, their menu looks… pedestrian.

  9. Add to the US obesity crisis? You kidding me? I think not! I see people everywhere ordering a 600+ calorie drink at Starbucks and then eating at Cheescake Factory, TapHouse, PF Chang’s – yeah – I’m sure all those places are very healthy to eat at!

  10. I’ve spent alot of time in Denver and the Earls’s there is a serious meat market and is also pretty fun in terms of a great happy hour spot. I’m looking forward to its arrival.

  11. Joey’s President Jeff Fuller is Leroy EARL Fuller’s son.

    Not only are they direct competitor’s they are family related.Earl’s was the conceptual base for newer and hipper JOEY’s.