Finally, Downtown Bellevue will get what it has desperately needed, an entertainment venue for live music and comedians at Lincoln Square! Parlor Live, as it will be called, is the sister club of The Parlor and will go right next door.

So your next question might be, where is there space next door? The Parlor will be splitting its existing 20,000 sq ft of space in half, to accommodate for Parlor Live, which will now be a separate location dedicated to entertainment.
Parlor Live is scheduled to open December 1st and will likely just cater to private parties until 2009, when it will start booking comedians and musicians.

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  1. Will they have a separate entrance for this new club? Have you guys been there lately on the weekends? That place has been taken over by the Seattle clubbin’ crowd. I was there last weekend and the line stretched all the way down to the movie theater!