Expedia has recently completed their move into Tower 333, moving what was anticipated to be 1,700 employees into Downtown Bellevue. The move began in October and finished up in December. The move, which was very smooth, can already be felt by the Downtown community during lunch hours, when employees go out in search of a meal.

Expedia is not the only one that has moved into newly completed construction. Residents of Bellevue Towers have just begun to move in, beginning last week. Over the course of 2009, purchasers of Bellevue Towers homes will be invited to take occupancy. At full capacity, the 2 towers make up 540 homes.

The 2 projects, which share NE 4th Street, will have an immense impact on Downtown Bellevue; bringing many new workers and residents to the area. Look in the coming weeks for a “tour” through the Bellevue Towers amenities spaces!


  1. Any word on when MS will be moving into Bravern and the other massive building just finished up? That’s going to cause massive traffic issues along 8th.

  2. I was just walking past the Braven yesterday. I didn’t realize how absolutely massive that place is going to be because you can’t really see it all from the freeway ramp. Should be awesome when done.

  3. Any one notice how much darker and more dismal NE 4th St looks now than it did before with these 2 monstrosities (Expedia and Bellevue Towers)? The shade effect from these two has turned that street into a depressing place.

  4. I think it looks awesome. Urban canyon FTW.

  5. Wait till the buildings are all occupied, lighted up and the streets are filled with people. It will look a LOT better than depressing then.

  6. I don’t think it looks much darker at all. The two projects in fact will have the adverse effect. They will both bring so many people to the area, that will give it the feel of a much more vibrant and lively city.

  7. I love urban canyons, no need for sunblock in the summer!

  8. i’m sure the BT builders are glad they spent all that extra money on LEED certification.

  9. With the arrival of the Expedia workers, the lines at Chipotle on 4th have gone completely out of control. Last time I was there at lunchtime, there was a line of 60+ people, and finding parking was an exercise in futility. It’s pretty wild, what’s been going on with downtown’s growth. Bring it on.