Bellevue Towers has been open for a few months now, and residents have started moving in as new floors become available to occupy.  The 2 towers are a masterpiece and have given Downtown Bellevue a distinct and changed skyline forever.

Few have yet to see the interiors and common areas complete, so we thought we would post some pictures (see below).  For those not familiar with the project, Bellevue Towers provides several amenities to residents such as a fitness center, spa, movie theater, The Great Room (a beautiful common area), Urban Gardens (a large park on the top of the 5th floor between the 2 buildings),  and likely biggest benefit of all – its location!

For those interested in going on a tour through the towers, weekly tours are available.  Contact Bellevue Towers for availability and times.

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  1. Bellevue Towers is indeed an amazing place Michael. If anybody is interested in purchasing a condo in either of the two towers and needs honest representation and a tough negotiator on their side – they can call me 24/7 (425) 455-LIST (5478).

  2. Some early residents are not too happy with the place.

  3. Inexperienced buyers. Expect at least a year of ongroing construction and warranty work. Don’t tolerate the workers telling you things like “it’s supposed to be that way”, but otherwise just be patient.

  4. I’ve toured it a few times and looked at several units. My conclusions were that the exterior shape of the building although cool from the outside leads to some awkward floor plans. Lincoln Tower units, just being in a box, have better layouts.

    The other thing too is they are not selling. This place is going to go rental. Just a look at the property records tells you they have hardly sold any. Combined with the economy and that real estate is still over inflated in this area buying there just doesn’t make much sense IMHO.

  5. I love the Urban Garden!! Very cool and innovative.

  6. From what I can see from LA Fitness this place is still pretty empty. I would feel sorry for them but I am sick of every large project being ‘lux’, build something the average person can afford and it will sell like hotcakes.

    I looked at one unit and the HOA fees were crazy high…

  7. My grandparents live there, and they love it! Visiting them many times has made me want to live there myself. The units are spacious, the urban gardens is amazing, and the construction is very high-quality. They have done a beautiful job. Anyone would be lucky to move in there.

  8. the bellevue towers are top shelf in my book. once the economy gets back to business as usual, these units will sell like hot cakes.

  9. It’s hard to imagine anyone paying $750 a month just in homeowner dues for a 1350 sqf. ONE bedroom. Would you want to pay that?

  10. Yeah…it’s a high rise luxury condo, that’s about what you’d expect to pay for dues. (Too pricey for me though)

  11. Over and over, when showing condominuim homes to buyers, they come back to Bellevue Towers – even if it was not the type of property they originally thought of purchasing! It is an amazing complex and I never tire of representing buyers in their purchases because it is such a beautifully planned community.

  12. bellevue towers is struggling. i heard they are discounting up to 20%? what are they thinking? do they want to piss off everyone that purchased yesterday? they are approaching sales the wrong way. they should just convert to apartments and call it quits.

  13. Sean, all downtown Bellevue condos are struggling right now. This is not specific to Bellevue Towers.

    ‘Calling it quits and converting to apartments’ You talk about pissing off people who purchased yesterday, well that would be a good way to do that.

  14. Does anyone know if the new project in the old Safeway will obstruct some of the view and up to what floor?

  15. @erin, my understanding is that the new project on the safeway lot and the new building going up where the bank of america is in front of bellevue towers will all likely block the west view… new buildings could be as tall as bellevue towers. specs on new buildings are available on the city website.

  16. The buildings are nice. what can I say. But do I want to buy? Forget it. Why should I buy if I can rent a similar place for a lot less.

  17. Yes, you will always be able to rent for less, but if you buy you can build equity in the property over time!

  18. Michael, everyone has seen or experienced what has happened to equity in the most recent years. And a previous entry was correct, there is considerable risk to owners that the developers/builders will drop the prices of current inventory. Additionally, developers will readjust margin requirements and continue building added units futher deflating resale values. This concern is not specific to Seattle/Bellevue or the condo market in general. I am sorry to say but there is considerable pain yet to endure related to housing.