Trader Joe's BagBoaters World, as many may know, has gone out of business in Downtown Bellevue. It leaves vacant an appealing retail location at the corner of 108th Ave. & Main St. PetSmart has recently taken over what was previously Comp USA’s old location. before the company went out of business last year.

Awhile back there were unverified rumors of Trader Joe’s taking over the retail space where PetSmart now occupies. I’d like to take this opportunity to invite and encourage Trader Joe’s to reconsider (if they ever were in the first place) occupying a Downtown Bellevue location! With the thousands of new residents and workers that will be coming to Downtown Bellevue in the near months and years, it seems like a perfect time and place. There are very few specialty or small grocery stores in the Downtown core. Many of the people that I’ve talked to or proposed this idea to, that live in Downtown Bellevue, have been really excited about the thought of Trader Joe’s coming to the downtown area. Many agree that the current location of Trader Joe’s near Crossroads and borderline Redmond is out of site, out of mind.

Would you like to see a Trader Joe’s in Downtown Bellevue? Respond in the comments section, and take our latest poll!



  1. On one hand, Trader Joes will be opening a new location in downtown Redmond sometime later this year (demolishing part of the old Redmond Center and building a new store in its place) so we know they’re still opening stores. On the other hand, I get the sneaking suspicion that this particular shopping center is eventually (probably not anytime soon, but eventually) going to end up in the path of some high-rise development.

  2. It would be great to have a Trader Joe’s downtown – and it seems like the same shopping center that formerly held the Mayfair Market would be an appropriate place.

    BTW – How many readers remember the old Albertson’s in downtown Bellevue? Bonus points if you what store occupies the space now.

  3. Yes we need a Trader Joes downtown. Issaquah is too far to drive for liquorice scotty dogs!

  4. I believe that World Market occupies the old Albertson’s location.

  5. I’d want a PCC before I took a Trader Joe’s…PCC is just better quality. Done and done.

  6. YES! Please!

  7. Yes to Trader Joes!!!

  8. I believe that Cost Plus World Market occupies the old Albertsons.

    I would love to see Trader Joes. It would be fantastic. How odd to see this on here because I have been complaining to everyone I know how we don’t have one in downtown Bellevue.

  9. I agree that a Trader Joes in the Boater’s World Building would be great. It seems like about the right size space for one of their stores. I remember the Albertsons in what is now Cost Plus and also the warm loaf of French bread available at 4pm every day. Yum!

  10. I also like the idea of PCC in the Boater’s World space. We’re ready for that, I think!

  11. Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite stores. It is well worth a car trip. For those living in downtown Bellevue and do not want to use a car, Bus 253 passes right in front of Trader Joe’s on 156th Ave.

  12. Yes to TJ’s! I never have the time nor energy to drive to the Crossroads location after working downtown Bellevue, and usually resort to Whole Foods which of course costs much more.

  13. Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck

  14. I’ve noticed recently that for many products, Whole Foods is cheaper than the downtown QFC.

  15. I’d rather see a Trader Joe’s than a PCC. It’s more affordable, more unique, and is great for people like myself who feed a family of one!

  16. Yes to TJ’s and yes to PCC, they should partner for retail space don’t you think… they complement each other very well…

  17. For those of use who live south of downtown it would be great to have a Trader Joe’s closer than Kirkland or Redmond. I would definitely spend a lot of grocery time there!

  18. The moment the “Going out of Business” signs went up, I went on to the Trader Joe’s website and filled out the location suggestions form. I would highly encourage everyone to do so. We need a Trader Joe’s downtown!

  19. It’s the perfect time and place for Trader Joe’s to enter the downtown Bellevue market. I strongly encourage TJ’s to take advantage of this opportunity. We love their products; however navigating from “Old Bellevue” to their next closest store often doesn’t make sense.
    “Come on down…let’s make a deal”

  20. YES!!! Finally

  21. That would be the best thing EVER!

  22. I couldn’t agree more with the idea!

  23. Great idea Michael! I think if the there is no proposed tear down of that site in the near future–it’d be a smart move for Trader Joe’s.

  24. Yes! I don’t go as often as I like given the time required to sit in traffic to get there. Please come to downtown Bellevue!

  25. Yes to Trader Joe’s.

    PCC has such similar stock and prices to Whole Foods I don’t see the need for it.

  26. Absolutely! I’ve been going to the one on 20th St. but this new store would be a couple of blocks away from me 🙂 Fingers crossed!

  27. This is an excellent idea. How can we pursue this?

  28. If you go to Trader Joe’s Contact us page:

    Write them and tell them that we want a Trader Joe’s in Downtown Bellevue!

  29. Trader Joe’s over any other store. Bring it on!!!