This week is “Open Vacancy” week on, and second up and open with a vacancy is the old Bellevue CompUSA location.

The 100 108th Ave N.E. spot on Main St sits across the way from Belle Arts mid-rise condominium complex. The neighbors within the retail complex include, Boaters World Marine Center, Office Depot, Toys R Us, and Tully’s.

In recent rumors, it has been speculated that Trader Joe’s is inquiring about leasing this space for a Downtown Bellevue location. Trader Joe’s currently has one Bellevue store at the address of 15400 NE 20th St. The rumors are unconfirmed but come from two separate reliable sources within the real estate industry.


  1. The new Safeway might deter them, as I hear it’s going to be very nice and the location is great. I live downtown and would love to see a Trader Joe’s go here, as I only shop places I can walk to.

  2. Trader Joe’s would be a good addition. I don’t think of them really competing with Safeway due to the unique product selection and fierce customer loyalty. Kind of an inexpensive alternative to some of Whole Foods’ offerings. Something in this vein is in the right direction.

  3. why are there so many supermarkets in downtown Bellevue so quickly? And it took Seattle like what? A decade to find one?

  4. I shop at Safeway, TJ’s PCC and WholeFoods; all of them sell different things that make them unique. 🙂