Beginning this Saturday the Bellevue Farmers Market will be held on Saturday’s from 9am – 2pm until November 21st, in addition to Thursday’s from 3pm – 7pm.

Also, starting June 15th for vegetables and July 19th for fruits, Local Choice Food Box will be delivering to the Downtown Bellevue Farmer’s Market on Thursday evenings. If you’ve ever considered joining a CSA, this is a great opportunity! You can reserve your summer box here.

OK, so what’s a CSA….it stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and in an (organic) nutshell, it means that you “subscribe” to local farms’ fresh vegetable and fruit deliveries for a season. These awesome local farms, most right outside of the Seattle area, grow seasonal, mostly organic produce, and it goes right from their farm to you. I promise you that a locally grown tomato, right off the vine, bears no resemblance to its bland grocery store cousin. Ditto for asparagus…and strawberries…ooh, I’m salivating…

Besides its Downtown Bellevue Farmer’s Market location, Local Choice, a Woodinville farm, has one more special feature:  instead of delivering a set choice of fruit and veggies, Local Choice lets YOU choose what produce goes into your box. Love strawberries? Can’t live without summer cucumbers? Add ’em to your weekly subscription.

So what does all this cost? Just $14/week for 4 types of fresh fruit in the Small Fruit Box and $24/week for 8 types of veggies/herbs in the Small Veggie Box. The small boxes are suitable for couples and small families, but you can also get a Large Veggie Box for $36/week or a Large Fruit Box for $21/week. If you’re like our household, and the sight and smell of fresh summer peaches and strawberries and tomatoes and raspberries send you into foodie delight, I can’t recommend this service highly enough. Not only do you get healthy, fresh food, you also support local growers….and they include recipes to boot!

I’ll see you at the Farmer’s Market!

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