David Lawerance Logo Bravern BellevueLocal fashion retailer, David Lawrence, will move from its current location in Bellevue Square to open at The Bravern come March of 2010. It will be located on the second level next to Masins and will fit in well with its soon to be high-end neighbors. David Lawrence sells styles for men and women crafted by designers from all around the world, such as Versace, Moschino, Rock & republic, William Rast, and more.

To our surprise, while on the press tour at The Bravern today, we saw their future storefront already boasting fashion images and a printed sign that read “David Lawrence.” David Lawrence opened its first store in 1994 in Bellevue and has become known for its fashion forward style.

David Lawerance The Bravern Bellevue


  1. I wonder will take its place? Maybe Barcelino will come back to Bell Square…their shop in Redmond Town Center didn’t last very long.

  2. That’s because no one goes to the Redmond Town Center!!! I don’t mean NO ONE, but not enough to sustain a “high end” store like Barcelino very long. That’s why all the stores at the Town Center are very generic and can be found at any mall anywhere in the country. They sell items at a lower price point and can be sucessful anywhere with the average comsumer.

    Bellevue Sqaure and the Bravern will continue to attract upper echilon retailers because that’s where the money goes. It always has and it always will. Think about it, when someone from out of town shops where do they go??? Bellevue Square or the Bravern or od they go to the “not to easy to get to” Redmond Town Center? That’s as they say is business!

  3. You forget that Barcelino had a Bell. Square store too that didn’t last long. The reason for that is they sold very overpriced clothes that looked like they belonged on people 50 years old and up. That market is saturated with Nordstrom controlling most of it.

    David Lawrence is definitely a younger persons store with high fashion clothes. I shop there occasionally and it’s a good store – if pricey.

  4. I’ve heard that they’ve been selling practically nothing at their Bellevue Square store over the past few months. Wonder how they’re financing this…

    Also, they lost like 3 employees to Neiman Marcus so David is really struggling. I wonder if the Bravern is going after all of Bellevue Square’s struggling tenants…

  5. I’ve browsed through David Lawrence and while the clothing is definitely nice, I just don’t think the pacific northwest – even bellevue – has a large enough population of people buying $650 jeans.

  6. Overpriced??? Quality materials are not cheap. Have you ever been to the tailors and shoe or leather goods makers…not factories, but makers that put these goods together. Compare how a Louis Vuitton bag is made to the way a Dooney & Burke bag is made and the time, steps and quality materials it takes to make one item and your opinion will change. Ferragamo shoes are $475 for a reason as $90 for a Rockport is a price point for them for a reason.

  7. Yes. Overpriced. I am not saying LV, Ferragamo and other brands are overpriced. I am saying that the clothes at Barcelino were overpriced for what they were. I think their track record of failing stores might provide some evidence to back me up, don’t you?

    As for pricing in general the margin on a LV bag is far greater than the margin on a D&B bag. Taking into account the quality of materials and labor you are choosing to pay more for LV for one underlying reason: Brand. Carrying an LV bag is today more a statement, not of quality, but of personal income.

  8. I would like to see ZARA & H&M in here either in bellevue/seattle. Any chance of that happening?

  9. omg SD i can’t wait for Zara to come!! 🙁 🙁 that’s my GOAL!!! to bring them here!!