Bellevue Square Microsoft Store Grand Opening

When the curtains dropped it was a proud moment for Microsoft. The 7th Microsoft branded retail store opened Thursday at Bellevue Square. The Store is in Microsoft’s backyard, and will be heavily trafficked by ‘Microsoftees’ as Steve Ballmer mentioned in his short, yet enthusiastic speech to the public.

Beginning as early as late afternoon Wednesday customers started lining up to get their chance to see the new Microsoft Store at Bellevue Square, as well as to ensure that they would receive a ticket to the Miley Cyrus concert that Microsoft promised to the first 2,000 customers.

The Microsoft Store at Bellevue Square brings together an immersive experience showcasing productivity software, computers, Xbox, Kinect, Windows Mobile 7, and several other related gadgets.

Interesting facts about the Bellevue Square Microsoft Store opening:

  • Only a handful of software titles are featured on the shelf at the store, but in back there is a system that has over 2,000 software titles.  This system can burn a CD of the requested software for customers.
  • On Thursday at the opening Microsoft  gave away $1.4MM in charitable donations within the community including: Cleveland High School – $200K, Bellevue School District – $200K, First Robotics – $500K, King County Public Library – $500K
  • The store ran out of tickets for the Miley Cyrus concert at 2 PM on Thursday
  • There is a dedicated associate at the Bellevue Square store for community outreach (40 hours per week)
  • The store is 5,374 Square Feet
  • There are 50-60 employees on staff
  • When Mika Krammer, general manager of merchandising was asked about the similarities to the Apple Store design she answered by saying “We took the best from all of retail.”
  • Krammer also communicated that Microsoft would see slightly faster pacing of new stores in 2011

The night was topped off with a secret, and unexpected concert. At 5:00 PM Microsoft leaked the concert details that included Dave Matthews Band to play outside the Microsoft store at 7:00 PM.  The Dave Matthews Band performance lasted for an hour with viewers trying to get as close as they could to watch the free performance.

The weekend celebration continues with several events including an appearance by Apolo Ohno on Friday, and a Miley Cyrus concert on Saturday.

Dave Matthews Band Grand Opening Bellevue Square Microsoft Store

Dave Matthews Fans Bellevue Square Microsoft Store