Evolution_Fresh_Bellevue_Starbucks_Juice bar concept

[Updated 1:00 PM 1/19/12] Starbucks opened their first new juice store, Evolution Fresh today, Monday 19th. The store is located at The Lodge at Bellevue Square, as we previously reported on March 9th.

Starbucks made the acquisition of Evolution Fresh in October 2011. The Evolution Fresh concept will be expanded to other Seattle area locations, as well as other locations within the US. When executives for Starbucks were interviewed they communicated Evolution Fresh juice is not a “test.”

Evolution Fresh will be made of natural ingredients. This is a dream come true for those with a busy lifestyle that don’t want to sacrifice on ingredients.

Pricing for handmade drinks will be $7.99. Salads will be $8.25 with an additional $2.50 for chicken or steak. Sandwich “bowls” will cost $8.75, and a wrap that will be made with collard greens (no pita here) will cost slightly less at $7.50.

The interiors have white walls, light woods, and marble countertops. The in-store experience includes videos explaining the benefits and options for the food and beverages.

16-Ounce bottles of Evolution Fresh juice will replace the Naked Juice brand, which are currently sold at Starbucks stores. Here are examples of the bottles of juice that will be sold:

  • Field of Greens: blends greens, ginger, apple and cucumber
  • Coconut Zen: coconut water, pineapple and cucumber

Smoothies will also be available, see the “Smooth Mango” ingredients below:

  • Smooth Mango: apple juice, mangoes, papayas and pineapple

The bottles of juice contain 2 to 3 pounds of pressed fruits and vegetables.

One of the most convenient aspects of the new store is that it will offer delivery in Downtown Bellevue at no extra cost by a white-and-green-striped bike.

Evolution Fresh will be open from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM Monday – Saturday & 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM on Sunday’s.

To view more information on the Evolution Fresh, visit their website.

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  1. i’ll go today!

  2. $7.99 for drinks? They’d better be stiff drinks for that price.

    Wait… What do you mean, no alcohol?

  3. Thinking it better… I think it will hard to beat the delicious, organic/ natural juices and smoothies from the already closed Nature’s Pantry. I miss that… a LOT!!!

  4. “Pricing for handmade drinks will be $7.99. Salads will be $8.25 with an additional $2.50 for chicken or steak.”

    Goog luck!!!

  5. “Mixologists” at the new shop dispense a variety of juices – including apple, coconut water, carrot and beet – from taps to create “hand crafted” concoctions with names like “sweet burn” and “field of greens”. The 8-ounce drinks sell for $4.99 and the 16-ounce drinks are priced at $7.99.

    At least they’ll have a $4.99 model 🙂

  6. Well, now I know what happened to 60% of the seating at the Starbucks next door. Makes more sense to pay rent for something that generates revenue rather than butts keeping seats warm on $4.00 coffees. And I guess if any market can sustain those beverage prices, it’s Bellevue! As an aside, does anyone remember the full-service Starbucks cafe/restaurant concept they had at that location when it first opened? Didn’t take long for that to go bye-bye.

  7. I tried it. $7.99 a little too much. $6 or less I can see myself as a regular.

  8. Those green juices are harder to please, and Naked Juice Green Machine pleases me more than the Evolution brand, so I hope they evolve those juices to be more pleasing to my palette. Luckily I can usually make my own juices to-go. My fav recipe is what I call Green Margarita…1 bunch kale, 2 fennel root (anise) or cucumbers, 3 apples, and 4 limes. Delicious!

  9. $7.99? Lol you’re kidding me right?! I might as well just go buy the ingredients myself & Make like 10 cups of juices!!! Hahaha!
    But I can totally see people going to Jamba Juice instead.

  10. @ madeline: your Green Margarita is missing the most important ingredient… tequila!

  11. The food here is actually terrific; basically healthy stir fries, with good flavor. I love the wild rice breakfast scramble (only $4.95), and the lentil wild rice lunch bowl (around $8). When I’m really hungry, and need to get something from close by, this is my go-to place for healthy fast food. I’m really glad they opened.