Apple Store Bellevue Square Grand Store Opening

Today, Apple opened their newest Apple Store in Bellevue Square. The opening is just in time for the Labor Day holiday weekend.

The new Apple store is three times the size of its predecessor, which was located on the lower level, at Bellevue Square Mall. This latest opening now presents itself as the largest Apple Store in in the Pacific Northwest. The store’s exterior is made of stunning glass panels. These panels are the largest glass panels in any Apple Store located in shopping malls. The store’s interior ceiling skylight is one of the most unique attributes of Bellevue Square’s Apple Store.

Apple is introducing a new Genius Bar concept within the Bellevue Square store opening. It is a “360 Genius Bar,” that allows customers to sit on either side of the table. This new concept will accommodate significantly more customers who will be assisted with their technology needs, simultaneously. The Genius Bar now seats 40, eight times more than the original Bellevue store.

The new store now employs 140 people, also eight times as many employees as the original store, which opened in May of 2003.

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  1. I was expecting more. This is kind of a let down. Other than the skylight I don’t see anything much different than the old store except more square footage.

  2. I have to agree with John, I was expecting like 2 floors and more glass/skylight. This was in the works for over a year, and I was expecting a lot more that would bring some serious competition to Microsoft.

  3. iDont shop here

  4. VERY SUBPAR, disappointing to say the least, I would even say the Microsoft store is more impressive than this

  5. Wow are those previous review for a fall fashion line or a functional store? As someone who goes to the Bellevue Apple store since it opened, the new layout is a welcome change to the old “gauntlet” one would have to run to get to the products and genius bar!