In May we asked readers to respond to this challenge: “ What are you training for?” We received some amazing entries and it was inspiring to see all the reasons why our readers are training! While it was hard to narrow down the field to a winner, there was definitely one that stood out. In fact it was so hard to choose just one, we selected 3 winners.

Help me to celebrate the winners and encourage them onto their journey of good health:

Marilyn – 1st place entry
I am training for November 3, 2013. That day, I will run the New York Marathon. I will train because I took what happened at the Boston Marathon very personally and I want to show the world that the finish line of marathon is a place for joy and triumph, not fear and terror. I will train for city of Boston, I will train for a personal best time and to be strong and prepared when I participate in the world’s largest marathon!

Cornelia – runner-up
I am from Switzerland. I do go back once a year. Coming from an overweight family plus I just stopped smoking( march 13th), it would be a big help to show my family, that eating healthy and working out on regular bases, is not that hard. Our family get together are always about food(and wine). It would be nice, to teach theme how to eat more healthy and take some time every day, to keep in shape.

Whitney – runner-up
While I would love to win this.. I think my husband deserves it more. My husband has always had struggled with his gym routine. He has has done amazing things like run a marathon, and lose 50+ pounds for a work competition. I might be the negative influence though.. I own my own dessert co. and he has been SO supportive helping me launch, working his corporate job and coming home and helping me with so much that he has had no time to work out. I know he desperately wants to get back in shape, and being a member at DB would help him get that jump start, and some “him” time he very much deserves.

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