Bellevue Square Stores Play Musical Chairs
There have been a significant number of stores that will be changing locations, as well as some that have closed in June. Below is what we’ve gathered from many different sources based on which are closed, as well as where some of the stores that may relocate.

Stores Moving to New Locations:

  • Fuego – Fuego had a temporary location across the way from the Sweet Factory on the 1st floor. Last weekend was their final few days in that spot. They will be moving to an undisclosed new location within the mall.
  • Taco Del Mar – Taco Del Mar will be moving one store down into the old The Greek Kitchen location.
  • Vans – Vans will move into the space previously occupied by Taco Del Mar. This new store will be larger than their current store size.
  • Coldwater Creek – Coldwater Creek will be moving to the second floor within the Nordstrom wing of Bellevue Square.
  • Popcorn Pavilion – Not only is Popcorn Pavilion changing their location, but so is their name. The Popcorn Pavilion will become KuKuRuza. They will take over the space that Mrs. Fields previously occupied.
  • Escape Outdoors – Escape Outdoors will move across the way from The North Face where Billabong and Element previously had been occupying space. This seems to be an attempt at consolidating the outdoor outfitters. Who will be next? Patagonia?

Stores Closed/Closing:

  • Billabong
  • Element
  • Montblanc
  • The Greek Kitchen
  • Mrs. Fields
  • New Balance
  • Urban Dogs
  • Moxie


New Coldwater Creek Location
Bellevue Square Stores Play Musical Chairs_5
New KuKuRuZa location
Bellevue Square Stores Play Musical Chairs_4
Previous locations for Fuego & Montblanc
Bellevue Square Stores Play Musical Chairs_3
Previous locations for Taco Del Mar & The Greek Kitchen
Bellevue Square Stores Play Musical Chairs_2