Tateuchi City of Bellevue
The Bellevue City Council previewed a feasibility study on Feb. 9 for the Tateuchi Center, a 2,000-seat performing arts center proposed for downtown Bellevue.

The Tateuchi Center could be financially feasible if it offers strong programming and if it makes a change to the design. A cabaret would need to be replaced with an education center, according to Steven Bronfenbrenner, a consultant hired by the city to conduct the feasibility study.

A non-profit organization called PACE (Performing Arts Center Eastside) has raised about $65 million for the performing arts center and spent $32.6 million in capital funds, according to a press statement. Bronfenbrenner reported that the venue needs another $138.4 million before construction can begin.

The Tateuchi Center would likely have an operating deficit starting at $750,000 the first year, which would drop to $250,000 by the fifth year, according to the feasibility study. Bronfenbrenner said that such a deficit is typical for performing arts centers across the nation.

One Comment

  1. The problem is that they have been showing the same design and the same extravagant cost since the early 2000s. Maybe Bellevue doesn’t want this building as designed. Personally I am tired of hearing about these groups trying to push this building forward when it is clearly not the right fit for Bellevue. Redesign it or move on from it.