Apple Rumored to be Looking for Office Space in Downtown BellevueOn the heels of Apple’s $200 million acquisition of Seattle-based AI company Turi, GeekWire is now reporting that Apple is looking to dramatically expand its presence in the greater Seattle area. Presently, Apple occupies less than two floors of an office tower in downtown Seattle. This amplification may see Apple utilizing “several hundred thousand square feet” of space.

Industry buzz points to Apple now canvasing downtown Bellevue. One of the front runners includes the 16-story Centre 425 building. Still under construction, the Centre 425 building will pack 354,000-square-feet of office space, which would house between 1,400-2,300 employees.

Other option for Apple in Bellevue includes new construction underway, per the 462,000-square-foot 929 Office Tower and the 710,000-square-foot Lincoln Square expansion tower. While some space in these buildings has already been committed, all are said to be under Apple’s review.

Apple considering Bellevue, would stimulate the area and likely prompt more companies to consider it.

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