It’s been over a week since 365 by Whole Foods Market closed at Bellevue Square. The grocery store was one of the most celebrated openings of the Bellevue Square expansion, where J.C. Penny once occupied.

The vacant store leaves 30,000 square feet unoccupied. Additionally there is space above the grocery store that hasn’t yet been occupied. It’s unclear if one retailer could connect the two floors.

Below are some ideas for what could fill the space.

Little Eataly

Little Eataly is a large Italian marketplace in New York City, Chicago and Boston. Their locations have grocery stores as well as many small restaurants. A scaled down version of this would work well in this space.

Target has been scaling back the size of their new store openings, so this could be an interesting space for them to consider. A couple years ago, Target was considering space on 116th in Bellevue but did not move forward on any possible plans.

Old Navy
Although there is an Old Navy store at both Crossroads and Factoria Mall, this could be an interesting location that has much higher traffic than the other Bellevue locations.

Nike opened a running store in University Village a couple of years ago. This empty space could be an interesting opportunity for Nike to open their first Bellevue store.

Pop-up Shops
The Bellevue Collection could use this space as an organized retail location for several pop-up shops. These have grown in popularity over the years, and if they were able to somehow organize these similarly to how Nordstrom has done it, it could have wide appeal.

All-Year Indoor Farmers Market
Bellevue has struggled to have a consistent home for their Farmer’s Market. This could represent an opportunity to have an indoor year-round location. Watch out Pike Place Market, Bellevue is coming for ya!

Do you have additional ideas for what to put in the empty 365 by Whole Foods Market space? Sound off in the comments section below.


  1. If you have ever visited the Metrotown mall at Burnaby, BC, you will know that there can be a successful supermarket inside a mall, and the supermarket actually brings in more customers for the rest of the mall. T&T supermarket inside Metrotown is in the basement level and it has no parking right next to it. Yet it is always very busy. 365 Market failed because most people don’t care for what it sells and what it sells you can get within 1 mile in nearby markets and cheaper.

  2. How about an upscale food court which also has private dining room like The Plaza Food Hall in NYC if there’s a right company can do this in this region? I think it can be quite an attraction as the space located right next to Bellevue Down Town Park and afford the rent as well.

  3. T&T Supermarket, which is an Asian/Oriental Foods store, would be an amazing replacement for that great space.

  4. Little Eataly would simply be amazing. It is always my favorite place to go when I am in Chicago.

  5. Nike opening a Bellevue location already in Factoria mall.

  6. Ballard Farmers Market should move-in to replace 365 rather than Bellevue Farmers Market!! Why? Bellevue Farmers Market is like an outdoor food court along with retail stores…so silly!! OR perhaps an upscale cocktail lounge which would be cool to see in very-boring-Bellevue!!


  8. Little Eataly would be awesome! My husband and I have visited 2 in Italy and it would amazing to have local access to one. I would shop there weekly. A year-round Farmers Market would be great, as well.

  9. Eataly!! That would be amazing! If not, the farmers market option would be great since the Bellevue one is in an odd location outside of downtown.

  10. Dean and Deluca!

  11. bell square should get an H&M

  12. Quick and affordable eateries! I work in the mall, I don’t have time for a sit down restaurant.

  13. I think a Nike Town would be a perfect fit at this location. I’m surprised Kemper Freeman doesn’t have one at his mall. Maybe another idea would be a Brooks Running shoe store. Just thoughts

  14. How about a Dave & Busters. That would be fantastic.

  15. A 100% Eataly. And, Mario Batali who is from Seattle is the founder. Let’s give him a call.

  16. Buffalo Wild Wings

  17. I think Trader Joe’s should move from that location on 116th.

  18. A Food Hall focusing on the local food scene. It is essentially a food court made up of several of the popular food truck operators in the area. There’s one in Chicago called Revival Food Hall (, I think the concept would work well here.

  19. Downtown Bellevue really needs a decent food court – an international food court that has all sorts of food from around the world

  20. If you have been to Sogo supermarket in Taipei, Hong Kong etc you will find an Asian style food court in the basement level. Those have a variety of high end food options including specialty bakeries, coffee shops, confectioners, international food stalls, boba tea etc. Given the higher percentage of Asian population in the Bellevue area a similar setup will do fabulously well and bring a touch of far east to everyone.

    Alternatively Trader Joe’s will do super well if they can keep prices low (no surcharge for Mall location). Of course, given their new downtown store, it is highly unlikely they will move.

  21. +100 for a T&T supermarket or something similar. My wife and I loved every single one of them from Vancouver to Toronto (except maybe the one in Surrey with super dated decor).

  22. My vote is for a Dean & Deluca!

  23. We just spent time in NY and Little Eataly was my favorite place. I believe it would do very well in this space.

  24. Metropolitan Market

  25. There’s a lot of feedback from readers in regards to fast casual offerings, and specifically food halls. I recently spoke with the team who will be opening the new Lincoln South Food Hall on the 2nd floor of Lincoln Square South – six great options that will be opening in early December. Stay tuned for more details.

  26. How about Muji from Japan ?
    They have Muji cafe, too. Their casual but cozy atmosphere would fit in Bellevue.

  27. Too bad Toys R us has been failing to thrive lately. That location would be a great place for a big toy store. Near the downtown park and that huge new playground.