Bellevue Downtown Association
is hosting a December Breakfast to discuss the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality industry and how the technology is changing the workplace for professionals of all backgrounds, although it more than likely won’t include anything on the topic of the huge demand that is VR porn, although more than likely we’ll be seeing Virtual Reality categories on adult sites like and many more in the near future.

There will be two speakers at the December Breakfast; Michael Nassirian, Founder and CEO of ARVR Academy, and Jesse Canedo, Economic Development Manager for City of Bellevue. Nassirian will explain the history and future of the technology, while Candeo will talk about why the Eastside is an AR/VR destination.

Bellevue Downtown Association December Breakfast will be at the W Bellevue from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, December 12. The cost is $35 for BDA Members, Non-Profits, Students, and Government Representatives, $45 for Non-Members, and $265 for a Corporate Table (seats 8).

To register, please visit their website

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