NEOH USA Protein Bar – Photo Credit NEOH USA

NEOH USA moved into WeWork at Lincoln Square South in the summer of 2017. This innovative startup wanted to create a protein bar that had the taste of a candy bar with healthy ingredients.  From that idea, they formed the world’s first crossbar; NEOH, which has no added sugar, five sources of protein, and a candy bar taste.

We interviewed Bernhard Klee, founder, who tried the NEOH recipe for the first time in 2017. He is now living his dream of sharing it with the US, alongside his friend from Austria, as well as a talented team who is dedicated to well-balanced nutrition.

How did NEOH USA start?

The idea began in Austria years ago when Bernhard and his friend, Manuel, a soccer player, were discussing how Manuel was always craving something sweet after practice and games. He wanted to satisfy his sweet tooth without the guilt that he felt when eating something that was high in sugar, fat and calories. Manuel and Bernhard came up with the idea to develop a Crossbar, which included protein and no added sugar, with the candy bar taste. Manuel experimented with many different ingredients and after 5 years, NEOH was born and launched in the summer of 2017.

How many employees does NEOH have?

The company has offices located in both the Bellevue and Europe. NEOH USA currently has 4 employees, contractors and agencies working for it and NEOH Europe has another 5 employees, contractors and agencies.

What is unique about your product?

The crossbar combines the real candy bar taste with the nutritional value of the best protein bar at 90 calories,1 gram of sugar and a low glycemic index. NEOH bars also contain Xylitol which helps with tooth health. It has the taste of a Snickers or KitKat, so children and adults alike can both enjoy the bar.

How can someone find out more information about your company?

Consumers can visit their webpage or purchase their product on Amazon. NEOH USA is currently in talks with major retailers and should be more widely available in stores in the fall of 2018.

How did NEOH choose to be located in Bellevue?

The entire team is living in or around Bellevue. They are all fans of the WeWork office space, and love that Bellevue is growing quickly. They feel that Bellevue has an entrepreneurial mindset with many talented people.

What are some company goals over the next few of years?

NEOH’s goals are to double their online business this year, get into major retail stores this fall, and grow it into a $3M business by the end of 2019.

Their mission is to bring a healthier food option to those craving something sweet.

How has WeWork helped NEOH USA to grow?

Having NEOH located at WeWork in Bellevue gave Bernhard the opportunity to make connections with other entrepreneurs who he later hired to be on his team. It also gave NEOH immediate credibility in terms of amenities, location, and office space. WeWork not only has an inspiring environment, but also, it simplifies everything that goes along with running your own business.

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