Each year Old Bellevue Merchants Association , a nonprofit, volunteer association made up of merchants residing on Main Street, 102nd, and 103rd Ave Northeast, light up the streets of Old Bellevue. The lights are one of their greatest contributions to the community, along with planting fresh flowers in the flower pots and cleaning up the streets.

The new proposed budget for installing holiday lights this year will take a huge toll on the association, draining much of their budget that also needs to be used on doing little things around the community next year. Old Bellevue Merchants Association is reaching out to Bellevue residents and beyond to keep Old Bellevue the special place that it currently is.

The association is hoping to raise an additional $5,000 to help contribute to the total cost it takes merchants to light up Old Bellevue from the middle of November to the middle of February. Any amount helps them to reach their goal.

If you are interested in contributing, please visit their gofundme page to make a donation.

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