New Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar Castilla to Open at Bellevue Square where Vivo 53 was previously located.

Castilla, a new Spanish restaurant and tapas bar, is planned to open within The Lodge at Bellevue Square. The restaurant is taking over space at Bellevue Square that Vivo 53 previously occupied before closing in July.

The restaurant owners are a husband and wife team, chef Clara Gutierrez Carroll and her husband, John. Mrs Carroll has been a chef for almost 20 years.

Castilla is being positioned as “approachable fine dining” according to a representative for the company. They are currently redecorating the restaurant and are planned to open in October within The Lodge at Bellevue Square.

Since 2013, Boom Noodle, Kaisho, and Vivo 53 have all closed in the space that Castilla plans to occupy within The Lodge at Bellevue Square. Next door to the space Blue C Sushi closed earlier this year currently does not have a tenant.

New Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar Castilla has applied for a liquor license.


  1. Can’t wait to try something new and exciting! Hope this new restaurant will bring a new sip of fresh air to Bellevue and it will succeed at this location!

  2. Deseando probarlo! 🙂

  3. Qué bien! Espero que sea todo un éxito! Felicidades y quisiera ir a probarlo.

  4. Espero comer en un restaurante Españolo que sirve tapas autenticas y comidas ricas.
    !Que bien! Espero probarlo..
    !Buena suerte!

  5. So excited! Clara is an amazing Chef and we are so lucky to have her come to the eastside!!