Photo Credit: Chris Paslawksi

Protesters planned to gather in Bellevue this afternoon at 3 p.m. to rally against the death of George Floyd. While the protest began as peaceful, it has turned into a riot.

Up to this point, protesters have been at Bellevue Square, The Shops at The Bravern, Bellevue Connection (formerly Bellevue Galleria), Hyatt Bellevue, and Lincoln Square South.

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  1. Heidi is a fake account by some sad right wing baby who lives in his moms basement.

    I also like how “Heidi” says they were “beaten” but said stuff like “you have lost the focus to WHY these protests are occurring” while being beaten.

    Cool story bro.

  2. Of course its not right to steal, but people were stuck in their homes because of the Covid-19. Since there’s a mandate for all businesses to close, what else would you do? What’s worse is that people have to “qualify” in order to receive that stupid Covid Stimulus Checks [$1,200+][ [they’re very slow in sending money to Americans who really need it]. I don’t blame them for looting.

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